In this blog, we will look at the first two of the deed-restricted communities, Punta Gorda Isles and Burnt Store Isles, the two premier canal and golf course neighborhoods. All of these miles of canals connect to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.


Punta Gorda Isles began development in the late fifties and early sixties when the canals/seawalls and streets were created. St. Andrews South country club soon followed, and most houses were Florida-style ranches, many with swimming pools. The ability to have your boat in your backyard, and the proximity to the amenities of downtown Punta Gorda, make PGI a very popular and somewhat pricey community. In recent years, many of the original modest houses built in the sixties are being razed and replaced with larger, more exclusive homes.


Burnt Store Isles was created in the eighties, and the properties are placed on canals or adjacent to the golf course at Twin Oaks country club. The lots and houses in BSI tend to be larger and have more features than the original homes in PGI. BSI continues to be a popular and desirable neighborhood just south of downtown.


In the next blog we will take a look at the deed-restricted communities along the Burnt Store Road Corridor. Thanks for your interest in Punta Gorda and my blog!


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